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Context and Concept

Today, it's more important than ever to be fast, efficient and effective.


This is particularly true in the Healthcare sector where the complexity is high. The increasing number of stakeholders and new therapies has increased the difficulty to get the visibility that your organization deserves.

Cost containment measures have also an impact on access to care and it's important to be on the political agenda.

Early identification of opportunities and limitations can be pivotal in your success.

It is thus important to find a way to reinforce your Organization's Team, and that's why we have created our services.



Our Principal Advisor, Bruno Santoni, has a broad experience in many therapeutic areas including but not limited to Haematology, Immunology, Oncology, Infectious Diseases, Neurology, Mental Health, Blood Therapies, and Rare Diseases.

Networks and Partners


Coordinating or leading Healthcare Public Affairs projects requires a broad diversity of complex expertises and the need to be in contact with many stakeholders to achieve objectives. Integrator can put you in contact with the key stakeholders, and also coordinate projects with our partners, according to your needs and objectives. 

This is what we call a fully INTEGRATED support.



We have a long history in the Healthcare and Life Sciences sector. This experience includes Communication, Business and Marketing, Access to Therapies, Public Relation, Public Affairs and Patient Advocacy.





Located centrally in Belgium

Tel: +32.468.48.56.53

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VAT BE 0783.428.220 

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