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Health Organization Support

Working Together
Séance de remue-méninges
Enfants heureux
Developing Strategies and Organizations
Understanding your situation and helping to select objectives

We can help you to understand the current situation and challenges that your organization or your customers are facing. 

Sometimes it's good to sit together with an external person to have a different look and support.

We can collect data, facts and input from stakeholders (patients, physicians, pharmaceutical companies, authorities...).

We can summarize the situation and try to develop together clear achievable objectives, eventually through the organization of workshops.

Projects and Actions

We can help you to deliver projects in line with the strategies that we have developed together or that you had prepared within your organization.


When there is a need to hire rapidly external specialized resources to develop initiatives, it is very convenient and effective to work with Freelancers. Our principal consultant and the partners from his network are there to help you succeed in the implementation of your projects

Communication and Advocacy, leveraging our
scientific and medical expertise

We use our unique medical and scientific expertise to develop accurate communications and educative campaigns, with a higher added value for the audiences

  • Development of Key Messages

  • Writing of Communication Plans, Articles, Press Releases, Positioning Statements, PR Projects, Marketing Materials

  • Medical information and educational documents

  • Stakeholders relationship development

  • Policy Maker meetings and awareness to support Access to treatments

  • Health Policies research, and development of key positions

  • Commercial and medical communication effectiveness

  • Capacity-building for patient groups

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